Katrina believes that all of our children deserve a quality education no matter where they live or what their family circumstances are. ALL of our children deserve the support required to reach their maximum potential! Katrina will make sure our children's education is fortified with FULL funding including allocating funding for educator recruitment, retention and support. Focus will also address community supported vocational education and universal Pre-K programs to prepare our children for lifelong success.


Katrina believes that Memphians deserve access to job opportunities that pay livable wages. We must also support the rights of the working man and woman. Katrina will create programs that help our locally owned small businesses build capacity to become the foundation of economic growth for our communities. Katrina will hold large businesses accountable for community reinvestment .


Katrina supports improved access to healthcare facilities and medical coverage for ALL Tennessee residents. To facilitate this, Katrina recognizes that we must build capacity by ensuring fair and adequate funding for our hospitals to stay open and also exploring full practice authority for healthcare practitioners

Women's Issues

As a woman, mother, and healthcare professional, Katrina knows how our personal decisions can impact not only our lives but everyone attached to us. Katrina is committed to protecting women's rights to make those decisions.

Criminal Justice

Katrina is a strong proponent of criminal Justice Reform. Privatized prisons jeopardize the integrity of our criminal Justice process. Katrina supports alternative measures for rehabilitation before incarceration In an effort to reduce steadily increasing recidivism

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