Katrina Robinson for TN State Senate


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SB62: School for Juvenile Offenders


Effective 7/2019:As enacted, requires the department to develop rules, to be adopted by the state board of education, that include procedures for providing instruction to students incarcerated in juvenile detention centers for a minimum of four hours each instructional day.

SB63: Middle School CTE


 Effective 7/2019 As introduced, expands career and technical education programs to middle school grades; requires the board of career and technical education to plan facilities for comprehensive career and technical training for middle school students.

SB75: The Dignity Act


Effective 7/2019: As introduced, requires custodians of women prisoners to provide feminine hygiene products, moisturizing soap that is not lye-based, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and any other healthcare product a custodian deems appropriate to women prisoners at no charge and in an appropriate quantity.

SB170: ACEs Before Discipline


As introduced, requires each local board of education to adopt a policy requiring schools within the LEA to perform an adverse childhood experiences assessment before suspending or expelling a student or requiring a student to attend in-school suspension or alternative school.

SB604: Alternative Schools for Expelled


As introduced, requires students expelled in grades seven through 12 to attend alternative school; requires a governing body of a public charter school to establish an alternative educational setting for students suspended from the regular school program; prohibits a charter school from expelling a student from school attendance until after the student has been placed in an alternative educational setting.

I believe that my constituents have the answers. I appreciate the lives we all live day to day - working, living in our communities, and  raising our families. I sincerely want to make your life better, but no one knows how to do so better than you! So I want to hear from you.

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cosponsored legislation

SB16: Sports Betting


As introduced, authorizes sports betting in this state only in jurisdictions that approve sports betting by local option election; imposes a 10 percent tax on gaming revenue; distributes 40 percent of the tax to the general fund for general appropriations, 30 percent to Tennessee colleges of applied technologies and community colleges for equipment and capital projects, and 30 percent to local governments for education and infrastructure; establishes the Tennessee gaming commission to regulate sports betting; authorizes the commission to collaborate with the Tennessee bureau of investigation for purposes of enforcement.

SB 28: Alzheimer's disease and related dementia advisory council.


- As introduced, creates the state Alzheimer's disease and related dementia advisory council.

SB 577: Expunction for Sex Trafficking Victims


 As enacted, permits an eligible petitioner to have multiple, nonviolent convictions for offenses that resulted from the petitioner's status as a victim of human trafficking expunged if the expunction is in the best interest of justice and public safety and other requirements met.

SB797: $ZERO Expunction


As enacted, removes $180 fee for an individual petitioning the court for an expunction of certain criminal offenses; removes $350 fee for a defendant applying for expunction of an offense following the completion of a diversion program.

SB 1252: Extending Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse


As introduced, extends civil and criminal statutes of limitation for certain acts of abuse against minors; increases the penalty for intentional failure to report child abuse or child sexual abuse. - 

SB498: Equity for Small Business owners


As introduced, authorizes leases entered into between Memphis and business owners holding a restaurant license from the alcoholic beverage commission to include provisions where the rent is calculated on gross sales, including gross sales of alcohol, of the business; prohibits a county from denying the issuance or renewal of a beer permit on the basis of a similar lease.